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Muhammad Hanif Ansari

Haji Muhammad Hanif Ansari was a well known politician, businessman and philatelist due to a road accident died at mayo hospital Lahore on 30th April 1985 from Faisalabad. He was elected the member of national assembly Pakistan 1985.  Ansari was quiet but forceful man with a ready smile and greeting for all. Those who came into contact with him appreciated him for his human touch and his industrious leadership helpfulness he set example to all those around him. He was an advanced collector, specialist in Pakistan, remain member of Glasgow Philatelic Society and Philatelic Traders Society. He visited international stamp exhibitions. His knowledge and appreciation of philately soon promoted him as President of Pakistan Philatelic Writers League and advisor of catalogue "COLLECT PAKISTAN POSTAGE STAMPS" He was also the General Secretary of "JIA (NGO)" and was serving the community whole heartedly. Talat Hanif Ansari his elder son is businessman, Philatelist, social worker and vice president of "Faisalabad Philatelic Association."




Philatelists (FAISALABAD)


Akhtar-ul-Islam Siddiqi

Ph:                   +92-41-8544192

Cell:                  +92-333-6538153

Postal Address: 22-J-Z, Madina Town, Faisalabad, Pakistan


Hobbies:            Pakistan / Bahawalpur Mint, Collection, Errors & Verities


Muhammad Rashid

Ph:                   +92-41-8710332

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Postal Address: 87-A, Peoples Colony #1, Faisalabad, Pakistan

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Ali Mumtaz

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Cell:                 +92-321-7601003

Postal Address: Askari Bank Main Branch, Faisalabad, Pakistan


Hobbies:            Coins, Antiques, Currency, Bank Notes Errors


Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Ch.

Ph:                   +92-41-2653519

Cell:                 +92-333-6504250

Postal Address: H. No. P-173, Street No. 5, Pertap Nagar, Faisalabad


Hobbies:           Pakistan stamps, Mint, Errors and Varieties


Muhammad Zubair Baig

Ph:                   041-8722469 / 2617037

Cell:                  0300-8667458

Postal Address: House No. 72, St No. 1, Sarfaraz Colony, Fsd.


Hobbies:          Pakistan, Iran, Error & Veracities, UPU, Lady Diana etc.


Mazhar Iqbal

Ph:         041-8555652

Postal Address:  626-D Peoples Colony, Faisalabad


Hobbies : Mint Stamps of Pakistan


Abdul Hameed Dar

Ph:         041-2642637,2644935

Cell  :     0300-8663635

Postal Address:  146 Raza Town, East Canal Road, Faisalabad.

                        103-4 Gulistan Market, Railway Road, Fsd.

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Hobbies : Mint Stamps of Pakistan


Abdul Bari

Cell  :   0345-5223599

Postal Address:  P-23, Rehman Park, Abdullahpur, Faisalabad

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Hobbies : Mint/Used Stamps of Pakistan., Bank notes and Coins


Talat Hanif Ansari

Ph:       041-2633707, 2417142   

Cell  :   0300-9662371

Postal Address:  111-Gulshan Colony, Faisalabad

Email      : 

Hobbies : Mint/Used Stamps of Pakistan., Bank notes and Coins. Bhawalpur, Lasbella, England, Indian Stamps, Postal Stationary & POW Mail


Muhammad Farooq Pal

Ph:       041-8718318, 9200983  

Cell  :   0301- 7156577

Postal Address:  House No. 39, Kareem Town , , Faisalabad

                        2. Director Estate Management, FDA, Fsd.

Hobbies : Mint  Stamps of Pakistan




Nazir Ahmed

Risala No. 12,Chak No.295 RB,

Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, Jhang Road, Faisalabad.

Ph: 041-2554226

Hobbies: Pakistan Stamps and Currency notes, coins


Muhammad Saleem Toor (Rajput)

Address: Qasba Garh Feteh Shah,

Tehsil Tandlianwala, District Faisalabad.

Hobbies: Stamps, Specialized in Coins,

Notes ,Antiques, Diamonds


Tahir Ali Asghar
P-341  Near  Madni Jamia Masjid, Bata Colony , Faisalabad Pakistan
M : 0300 -6625172
Phone: 8710160 2
Hobbies: Pakistan Mint Stamps, Coins & Currency Note World wide





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